Affirming And Uplifting Exhibition Celebrates Women Making A Difference

Affirming And Uplifting Exhibition Celebrates Women Making A Difference


On 1 February 2016, the acclaimed traveling exhibition, WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE,  will open at the Stephen P. Government Center in downtown Miami.  The exhibition will run through 31 March 2016.  The exhibition will the vehicle for honoring the achievements and service of an incredible group of women.  This exhibition which is a photographic study of the spiritual and physical beauty of women of color will consist entirely  of portraits of women from the Miami community.  In early December of 2015, over 50 women from various fields of endeavor worked with photographer Jerry Taliaferro and a team of stylists and makeup artists from MACY’S ( one of the sponsors) to produce the powerful and iconic black and white images that would say something special about each subject.  Advocates, community leaders, educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, communicators, and others  generously revealed themselves to the camera in order to produce an exhibition that is affirming and uplifting.   This installation of WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE is the project second visit to Miami.   The Miami International Airport hosted the exhibition in its gallery in North Terminal D in 2012.

Since 2002, the WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE Project has traveled continuously around the country, visiting communities large and small.  The most recent installation of the exhibition was the Central Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library.   Often local subjects have been photographed for inclusion in the exhibitions.  The core collection of images has growth to include thousands of images of women of color in many of her social and physical manifestations.  From homemakers to CEOs to scientists to students, hundreds of women have participated in this project. They have transformed it from a simple photographic study into an incredible mosaic of the modern Black American Woman.

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