Artist Terrance Vann To Debut New Collection Of Paintings At Lafate Gallery

Artist Terrance Vann To Debut New Collection Of Paintings At Lafate Gallery

This one of a kind event makes Lafate Gallery the Art Loop’s top stop


Notable up-and-coming artist Terrance Vann will debut unseen works at the gallery of celebrated artist Eunice LaFate for the February Art Loop.The event will take place on February 5, 2016  at LaFate Gallery from 5-10pm.

This exhibition will mark Vann’s first of 2016. It will also be the first time LaFate Gallery hosts another artist on the art loop. LaFate, who opened her gallery last year, is a well-known folk artist who has been apart of the art scene in Wilmington and abroad for decades. The partnership between Vann and LaFate symbolizes the growth and present state of art and culture in Wilmington, especially amongst Black artists.


“These paintings and illustrations were inspired by both the uplifting and sobering realities of living in the inner city (of Wilmington). I wanted to offer a diverse aesthetic story with each piece,” said Vann. “To me, showing at LaFate Gallery was the perfect match and I’m honored that she is having me”

This special event also marks one year since Vann’s first art loop debut at Levitea American Tea Shop in February 2015. To add to the experience, fellow visual artist Alim Smith will be live painting and singer-songwriter Nicole Lynn will give a special live performance. Refreshments will be provided.

About Terrance Vann

Terrance Vann is a fine artist and illustrator based in Wilmington, Delaware. Terrance studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at the Art Institute in Philadelphia where he developed as a designer and graphic artist, in addition to being a painter and illustrator. Vann’s work is vividly colorful and is inspired from life experiences, friends, family, love and observations of Wilmington life.

About Eunice LaFate

An accomplished artist, story-teller, and champion for human rights, Eunice LaFate was born on the island of Jamaica. Her original inspiration – her tones, colors, and landscapes – had their roots in the Caribbean. Her vision, worldview, and art grew when she came to America and traveled abroad. She reflects now on her 20 year career of embracing and fighting for diversity and celebrating differences. (From Facebook)

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