New Book of Poems Chronicles Painful Lives of African Slaves

New Book of Poems Chronicles Painful Lives of African Slaves

Kirk Douglas Yancey’s ‘Slave Chronicles’ Exposes Ugly History of Slavery through Poetry


A new book of poetry exposes the unsettled emotions of one author as he grapples with the history and legacy of slavery in the United States.

“Slave Chronicles” by Kirk D. Yancey (Outskirts Press) is a gut-wrenching foray into the history of slavery. Slavery is not a thing of the past for most African Americans. Today, the high incarceration rates of black men, police brutality and racial profiling and the continued covert racism that infects every city and town across this great land show that slavery lives on, even as new generations continue to bury the rising truth. Life for African Americans has evolved in many ways from shackles and chains to just chains.

Yancey’s book delivers a variety of emotions manifested in a collection of poetry that ignites a nation with words inspired by our difficult history. Within the bounded pages of his book, Yancey shares messages from many voices through his interpretation of readings, research and records of slavery. The legacy of slave trading and the sacrifices of black people have always been a struggle. The book’s raw intensity will cause readers to connect with emotions they may not want to release. Others may never want to open the book because of the excruciating truths the book exposes.

Book reviewer Karen Pirnot of Readers’ Favorite called Slave Chronicles “compelling.”

“[Yancey] details the agony experienced by the slaves on the slave ships which crossed the oceans while their occupants in the hold experienced confusion, starvation, disease, and longing for their homelands,” Pirnot wrote. “The conditions of the slave quarters come through clearly and in an emotional voice that will bring readers to their knees with a sense of disgust and compassion… The reader does not need to know the stories behind the prose in order to appreciate the pain which seeps through each and every line.”

Slave Chronicles is now available for sale in paperback on Amazon at and at Barnes and Noble at The book can also be downloaded as an ebook from Outskirts Press at

About the Author

Kirk D. Yancey is the author of “The Millionaire’s Son,” “When the Pathway Cries in Darkness” and “Passion of a Grieving Poet.” He went through many trials and sacrifices while writing Slave Chronicles that brought him back to basics, which for him is poetry. Wrongly accused of many things throughout his life, he knows personally that freedom can never be taken for granted. Yancey lives in Capitol Heights, Maryland.